The world’s leading trade fair for the automotive service industry Frankfurt am Main, 13 to 17 September 2016

The future of servicing, first hand, in Frankfurt's Festhalle


Mankind has long dreamed of being able to look into the future and see what tomorrow will bring. At Automechanika in Frankfurt, from 13 to 17 September, over 110 companies will set themselves precisely this particular challenge. The companies come from various industries, including replacement parts, workshop fittings and equipment, software
development, vehicle assembly, development and marketing of accessories, the energy industry and the transport and logistics sector. Common to all of them is the idea that their own solutions can help shape the course of human mobility and vehicle servicing in the future. The backdrop for this rather special laboratory of the future is the timehonoured Festhalle, identified on the plan of the Exhibition Centre as Hall 2.0. It has often been home to innovative technologies over the years. At all events, the solutions, which are to be exhibited in the Festhalle during Automechanika, all have what it takes for large-volume applications. Which of them actually do reach market readiness will be, in part at least, decided by their reception amongst the public at Automechanika. Visitors to the Festhalle will be able to see a veritable pyrotechnic display of innovation and futuristic ideas for personal and goods transport with both private cars and commercial vehicles.
Key areas of the exhibition include, amongst others, e-mobility, telematic systems and solutions for networking vehicles, both internally and externally, including, too, apps and software for networked links and intelligent vehicle control, as well as applications for effective fleet
A number of companies will be demonstrating, in the Festhalle, the
technical solutions that they have been developing for the mobility
requirements of tomorrow, with the help of their own project and trial
vehicles. Some of these technical developments are important
prerequisites for the driverless car. Like the AUV (Advanced Urban
Vehicle) from ZF (Stand C90). Their experimental vehicle, which is
based on the standard measurements of a small car, is packed full of
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Frankfurt am Main,
13 - 17 September 2016
technologies and safety equipment, which are essential features of what
will be needed for successful operation of partially autonomous and
completely driverless vehicles. The electrically driven AUV impresses
with its extreme manoeuvrability and a 5.5-metre turning circle. Sensors
and drive-train technology ensure that the car can find parking spaces
completely on its own and can park in them unaided. Moreover, thanks
to the use of data on traffic, roads and travel from the Cloud via the
driver assistance system, PreVision Cloud Assist, the AUV can
anticipate things a long way ahead and thus drive in a way that both
saves energy and is safe. On the basis of stored data and the variables
of its current surroundings, the system can, for instance, calculate the
optimum vehicle speed and so cut the throttle before bends, so that they
can be taken at the ideal speed and without the need to activate the
Focus on e-mobility
The vehicles being exhibited by Orten from Bernkastel-Kues on the
Moselle (Stand C32) are well beyond the experimental stage.
Orten GmbH specialise in bodies for commercial vehicles. To produce
their Orten E75 project vehicle, they have now joined forces with
EFA-S ElektroFahrzeuge-Stuttgart GmbH, who specialise in converting
vehicles to electric drive systems. This is an entirely electrically powered
freight vehicle with a permitted gross vehicle weight of 7.5 tonnes.
Compared to a conventional diesel lorry, the Orten E75, with its
lightweight body and tail-lift, can carry a 30 percent greater load. The
vehicle, which is equipped with a lithium iron phosphate battery, has a
range that is claimed to be up to a 100 kilometres. The manufacturers
are confident that their vehicle will significantly reduce noxious emissions
and noise pollution in inner cities. Also presenting their own development
of an electrically powered vehicle is the StreetScooter company, which
belongs to the DHL German Post Office Group (Stand B42). The
company has recently made headlines with the unveiling of its in-house
development of an electric transporter vehicle. There are also lots of
Asian exhibitors, who will be presenting, in the Festhalle, their vision of
what e-mobility will look like in future; alongside micro-cars for inner-city
transport, there are also customised adaptations for freight vehicles and
buses on display.
There are two other projects on show in the 'Tomorrow's Service &
Mobility' section, in the Festhalle, where it is less about loading capacity
than about acceleration and speed. Hence, the Ignition Racing Team
from Osnabrück University (Stand B 48) will be exhibiting the latest
model of an electrically powered racing car. This car, which is equipped
with rear-axle steering, can reach 100 km/hour in less than 3 seconds.
Things are pretty quick at the Schaeffler stand too, (Forum O, A02),
where the ABT-Schaeffler e-sports car will also be on display.
Although visitors can only look at the electric racing cars that are being
exhibited, they do have the opportunity to try out various electrically
powered vehicles themselves on the e-circuit, adjacent to the Festhalle.
The test circuit is operated by Automechanika Frankfurt in conjunction
with the Ökolife company, who are also exhibiting in the Festhalle. As
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Frankfurt am Main,
13 - 17 September 2016
well as vehicles that have been adapted for electrical drive systems,
Ökolife (Stand C11) will also be exhibiting the latest systems for charging
infrastructure and electricity generation from sun and wind energy. This
whole issue of charging infrastructure and battery technology occupies a
considerable amount of space in the exhibition's major section on
e-mobility. There are displays of innovative solutions for the generation,
storage and use of electrical power for charging vehicles by, amongst
others, exhibitors such as Berghof Automation GmbH (Stand B92),
Bauer Solartechnik GmbH (Stand C11), ECOTAP (Stand C11) from the
Netherlands and the Reduce Carbon Energy Develop Co. Ltd. from
Taiwan (Stand C31). So, the Bombardier Primove GmbH (Stand C56)
will be presenting a new system, with which it should, in future, be
possible to charge vehicle batteries without any cables at all, using an
induction process.
In the workshop of the future
How digitalisation, big data and e-mobility are likely to change
procedures and processes in the workshop is the major issue for
exhibitors in the 'Future Workshops' section. Central amongst their
concerns, alongside researching, processing and passing on directly to
the mechanic information relevant to the repair in hand, are also
questions about the quickest and most efficient way of ordering and
providing spare parts, together with opportunities for repair management,
coupled with preventive prognostic servicing. A basic requirement here is
the repair shop's access to data from the vehicle. Several firms will be
using their appearance in the Festhalle to present their ideas on
telematic services as they relate to the motor vehicle. They include
Autocon Diagnostic Partners AB from Sweden (Stand B88),
Meta Systems S.p.A. from Italy (Stand C70) and Contact2Car GmbH
(Stand C40) from Germany. Continental AG (Forum 0, Stand A04) will
demonstrate how data can be collected anonymously from vehicles of all
marques, processed and passed on to workshops for the purposes of
preventive diagnosis, using what they call a remote diagnostic platform.
In order for vehicle-specific data to be available at all, they have to be
collected, processed, catalogued and appropriately stored. Digitalisation
also opens new technical possibilities for data specialists such as DAT.
So that, for example, it may well be possible, in future, to analyse exactly
the distortion in a vehicle's outer skin caused by a hailstorm, and to
conduct a comprehensive calculation of the damage at the touch of a
button, based on previously stored data and nothing more than a digital
photo of the car. More about this and other innovations of a similar ilk
can be found at DAT's stand (Stand C15). Workshops can also look
forward to some exciting developments at the stand of eXponentia
(Stand A71). After having been sold, this portal for advanced
professional development and the dissemination of knowledge, which
was founded by some well-known parts manufacturers in 2004, now
belongs to the Italian company Tekné Consulting Srl. Together with their
partners, DAF Conseil and the Mirva Group, the new owners have
revamped the platform, as well as significantly extending the range of
services offered and the target groups involved.
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Frankfurt am Main,
13 - 17 September 2016
Specialists in workshop equipment such as AVL Ditest (Stand D61),
TEXA (Stand C91), Hermann Hebetechnik (Stand B62) and
AutopStenhoj (Stand C59) are all well-known major players in the
service market. They will be exhibiting some new concepts in the
Festhalle, aimed at helping workshops with the digitalisation of their
repair procedures.
As well as traditional business involving private customers, services for
fleet operators are set to become increasingly important in the future. For
it is precisely in areas of high population density that there is rapid
growth in the proportion of all sorts and kinds of car-sharing models.
Several exhibitors in the Festhalle will be presenting their solutions for
issues such as just what these models will look like in future; which
vehicles with which propulsion systems will be used; how vehicle fleets
will be organised; how renting and return procedures will develop and
how necessary periods in the workshop for servicing and repair will be
managed. Companies here include, amongst others, Automotive IT
Solutions GmbH (Stand C19), Conceito GmbH (Stand D 60) and House
of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) GmbH (Stand A47).
Spares also set to come from the printer in future
Irrespective of the way in which the relationship between private vehicle
users and car-sharing users will develop over the coming years, when
there is a fault or an accident, cars will need to be back on the road as
quickly as possible. A prerequisite of this is rapid and accurate provision
of spare parts in the repair shop. In the section on 'Materials & Parts'
from 'Tomorrow´s Service & Mobility‘, parts and component
manufacturers, as well as software and logistics service providers, will
showcase their ideas on what replacement parts provision will look like in
the future. One such vision is the direct provision of spare parts using a
3D printer. Whether this vision will actually materialise is something that
visitors can investigate for themselves at the stands of, amongst others,
Bionic-Production GmbH (Stand C43), Redimec S.n.c. di Restelli S.&
Campisi G. (Stand E44) and the representatives of 3D printer
manufacturers MarkerBot (C45) and Ricoh (C49).
Full programme at the Automechanika Academy (Stand A48)
In parallel to the 'Tomorrow´s Service & Mobility' exhibition, there will be
three themed days, held as part of the Automechanika Academy
(Stand A48). They will take place in the Festhalle, on 13, 14 and 15
September respectively. On Tuesday, 13 September, the speakers will
venture a look at mobility issues in ten years' time. Under the heading
'Zukunft Mobilität' (Mobility in the Future) interested parties can, in a total
of twelve 30-minute lectures, learn what impact digitalisation, network
links and new car-sharing models might have on the way we get around
in the future. Themed day number two, in the Festhalle on
14 September, will, from 10 a.m. onwards, devote eleven lectures to
various approaches, solutions and challenges relating to alternative
propulsion systems. Themed day number three, on 16 September will be
all about 'Virtual worlds in the motor vehicle industry', and should be of
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Frankfurt am Main,
13 - 17 September 2016
particular interest to workshop professionals; a number of the total of
nine lectures will deal with the question of how digitalisation is set to
change working practices in the motor vehicle industry and in motor
vehicle servicing.
All the speakers come from the motor vehicle industry, the parts industry,
the IT/ internet sector or from relevant professional associations and are
leading thinkers in their respective companies and organisations, with a
particular interest in the technologies of tomorrow. Attendance at the
lectures, totalling 32 altogether, is free of charge and no prior reservation
is required.
Winners of the Automechanika Innovation Award 'behind glass'
No-one who finds themselves in the Festhalle should miss out on taking
a look at the winners of this year's Innovation Awards, presented as part
of Automechanika. The awards, which have been presented since 1996,
honour particularly innovative products for the motor vehicle servicing
industry in eight different categories, selected by an independent
adjudicating panel of experts. This year, for the first time, the winning
products and services in the Automechanika Innovation Awards will be
displayed in a special interactive exhibition in the Festhalle (Stand E41).
Further information about Automechanika can be found at, in our blog at and in
our social-media channels,, and
Background information on Messe Frankfurt
Messe Frankfurt is one of the world’s leading trade fair organisers, generating around
€648 million in sales and employing 2,244 people. The Messe Frankfurt Group has a global
network of 30 subsidiaries and 55 international Sales Partners, allowing it to serve its
customers on location in 175 countries. Messe Frankfurt events take place at approx.
50 locations around the globe. In 2015, Messe Frankfurt organised a total of 133 trade fairs, of
which more than half took place outside Germany.
Comprising an area of 592,127 square metres, Messe Frankfurt’s exhibition grounds are home
to ten exhibition halls. The company also operates two congress centres.The historic
Festhalle, one of the most popular venues in Germany, plays host to events of all kinds.Messe
Frankfurt is publicly owned, with the City of Frankfurt holding 60 percent and the State of
Hesse 40 percent.
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