Into a wireless future – peiker presented its “All Wireless” concept at IAA 2013

Under the motto, “The world’s most automobile show,” the 65th International Motor Show (IAA) will open its doors to an international audience of attendees in Frankfurt from September 12 to 22, 2013. Specialized communications firm peiker acustic GmbH & Co. KG, based in the German state of Hesse, will also be represented again at this year’s event, the world’s most important meeting point for the automotive industry. At booth C03 in hall 8, the mid-sized automotive supplier will present various things, including its “All Wireless” concept, which enables wireless integration of mobile end devices into the vehicle without sacrificing connection quality.

Alongside electric mobility, interconnected driving remains one of the key topics in the international automotive industry, which will be meeting at the IAA, in Frankfurt, from September 12 to 22. In its role as an expert in mobile voice and data applications in vehicles, automotive supplier peiker acustic GmbH & Co. KG will once again be represented at the event, offering a glimpse at various things, including the company’s “All Wireless” concept. The goal of this initiative is to integrate mobile end devices into cars completely wirelessly, comfortably, and on a universal basis. After all, unrestricted use of portable consumer devices in vehicles is already a must for most drivers today. But as more and more end devices are integrated into cars, the tangle of cables needed for power, data, and external connections also grows. Because device-specific plug connectors are needed, integration is also generally tied to a specific end device.

Having a functional and comfortable multimedia and infotainment environment in the car also requires a great deal of the head unit, since the applications are implemented directly via this unit. This requires highly specialized, costly hardware that has to meet the stringent requirements of the vehicle industry with regard to factors such as withstanding high temperatures. peiker, by contrast, is taking a much more flexible, low-cost approach: developing universal hardware for infotainment in the vehicle. The goal is to keep the head unit lean and streamlined. Processor capacity and functionality are provided directly by the smartphone while the vehicle display acts like a smartphone terminal. In this solution, the vehicle manufacturer still has individual design and display options. Vehicle-specific adjustments can also be made easily to ensure continued safe driving. Another advantage is that the mobile end device can be replaced at will without the need for costly alterations in the hardware for the head unit. In existing, wired solutions, the content from a smartphone is reflected on the vehicle’s display via USB. By contrast, peiker is striving to achieve completely wireless implementation.

At the same time, the “All Wireless” idea has been a tradition at the tech company for a while now: For more than two decades, peiker has pursued the aim of integrating mobile end devices into vehicles comfortably and ensuring that they can be controlled using the vehicle’s infrastructure. The mid-sized firm took its first step toward wireless data transmission back in the year 2000, when peiker, a member of the Bluetooth® Special Interest Group (SIG), launched one of the world’s first Bluetooth® hands-free kits for vehicles on the market.

Then, as the second step, the company made it possible to connect mobile phones in vehicles externally, via a coupler antenna, since most mobile phones today are no longer equipped with an antenna jack to connect with an external antenna. Connecting with the vehicle’s own external antenna guarantees top-quality reception, while keeping any radiation associated with the phone outside the car.

Another important component of peiker’s “All Wireless” concept is “wireless charging,” which the automotive supplier has been pushing since 2011. It enables position-independent, wireless charging of mobile end devices within the vehicle. To advance this technology, the company is a member of the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and the Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP). The solution favored by peiker guarantees disruption-free coexistence with other wireless radio technologies such as Bluetooth® or NFC (near field communication). Having a position-independent link with the vehicle’s external antenna also ensures optimum reception. In addition, the device that is to be charged and the charging station do not have to be aligned precisely to each other in order to be able to transmit the signal at full intensity.

Another part of the “All Wireless” concept is to support rear seat entertainment as well. The content from a smartphone or tablet can be transmitted wirelessly to multiple wireless displays built into the vehicle. This technology is especially suitable for streaming music, videos, or Web content. That means peiker is moving into a wireless future, in line with its “All Wireless” vision.

Anyone wishing to learn more about wireless integration of mobile end devices into vehicles is cordially invited to visit the peiker booth at this year’s IAA.

About peiker:

peiker is a leading provider of components in the area of communications technology – both for cars and for professional radio (PMR). Founded as an acoustics company in 1946, its product portfolio extends to all components of in-car infotainment and entertainment. peiker’s connectivity modules are suitable for use in vehicles and enable a fast and reliable data transmission on the road; under the heading of “connected car”, it thus opens the car door to the internet, navigation, other manufacturer-specific assisted services, and emergency call (eCall). Among peiker’s regular clients are renowned international auto manufacturers, industrial firms, government agencies, and mobile phone manufacturers.


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